Bitcoin Magazine PRO and the Samara Asset Group are proud to announce the launch of the Bitcoin Alpha competition. This event aims to discover the next top Bitcoin fund manager, who will receive a whopping $1 million USD in seed capital and operational infrastructure to launch their own fund at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference in October 2023.

The competition is open to hedge funds and emerging managers, offering a unique opportunity to showcase investment strategies to high-net-worth Bitcoin investors and institutional allocators. Interested parties can submit applications from June 20 to July 31.

This competition will undoubtedly be an exciting event in the Bitcoin industry and will likely uncover some of the top talent in the field. With such a significant prize in play, we anticipate the competition to be fierce, and the outcome to be remarkable.

Additionally, the ASX Australian Investor Study revealed that approximately 15% of Australians have invested in cryptocurrencies, with males accounting for the majority of investors. While most investors have spent between $340 and $3,400 on digital currencies, some have invested more than $67,000.

The study also discovered that 31% of “next generation investors,” or those at an average age of 21, have bought Bitcoin or altcoins. Furthermore, 33% of high-value investors own digital currencies, while their median investment is almost $88,000.

Despite cryptocurrencies ranking sixth in preferred investment choices of Australians, the next study’s overall figures could rise should “intending investors” decide to enter the market.

In the past week, Digital Cash (DASH) has surged by over 10%, reaching nearly $32. However, it has barely moved out of consolidation in the past ten days after a dip earlier this month. Though some technical indicators suggest that a bullish run may be on the horizon, sentiment surrounding DASH is still bearish. Coincodex predicts a 6.53% fall in the next five days, so investors are cautioned to approach the market cautiously.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin Alpha competition is an excellent opportunity for investors and emerging fund managers to showcase their investment strategies and, possibly, become the next top Bitcoin fund manager. Additionally, the ASX Australian Investor Study reveals the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among investors, while the price volatility of DASH highlights the need for caution when making investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market.