Bitcoin has been the leading digital store of value for nearly a decade, but the question remains: should it evolve into something more, such as a world currency or a blockchain registry for valuable assets?

The recent launch of Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens has driven demand for the Bitcoin blockchain, but this has also led to increased transactions, resulting in longer confirmation times. Bitcoin’s intentional restriction on block size and transaction capacity has sparked debates on adopting colored coins, SegWit, and other Core changes.

Despite its utility as a store of value, Bitcoin’s use beyond the cryptocurrency sector remains limited. Nonetheless, Bitcoin’s adoption by many institutions, banks, and countries as part of their treasury reserves shows its continued relevance.

But Bitcoin can learn from Ethereum’s mistakes and use this opportunity to redefine its identity and purpose in the market. Whether it evolves into a world currency or a blockchain registry for valuable assets, its core value as a decentralized, self-sovereign monetary system providing trustlessness remains significant.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Mercado Bitcoin, has been authorized by the country’s central bank to participate in the pilot project to launch a digital version of the real, Brazil’s currency. This move aims to introduce the CBDC next year, with the blockchain-based instrument supporting retail transactions and backed by customer bank deposits.

Pepe (PEPE) cryptocurrency has been one of the standout performers in recent days, surging 10% in the past 48 hours, reflecting positive investor sentiment and demand for the token. Despite the overall market trend, Pepe’s upward momentum remains strong, indicating its potential for further growth and stability.

As Bitcoin continues to evolve, it must strike a balance between maintaining its core values and adapting to the changing needs of the market. By doing so, Bitcoin can become not just a store of value, but also a more versatile and useful cryptocurrency.