Blockchain technology has once again proven its versatility and potential as new developments in various fields continue to emerge. This week, we bring you news about the integration of Bitcoin payments on a social media platform, a strategic partnership between Aurora and Opolios for independent workers, and the recovery of Ethereum’s price.

Zion, an innovative social network powered by Web5 and backed by UTXO, has announced that it now allows Bitcoin payments using the Lightning Network within private, encrypted direct messages. With its mission to liberate social media users from the control of large tech companies, Zion enables its users to transact and communicate freely, without compromising their privacy or facing restrictions imposed by traditional social media platforms. This integration within Zion’s ecosystem eliminates platform fees, ensuring that the value users send or receive remains intact.

Aurora, a scaling and bridge solution built on the NEAR Protocol blockchain network, has entered into a strategic partnership with Opolios, a blockchain-based employment cooperative. The partnership will allow USDC payments on the Aurora network for independent workers, increasing payment processes’ flexibility and providing greater access to compensate workers in preferred currencies. Members of Opolios can receive payments on-chain in USDC or USDC on the Aurora Network, while businesses within the Aurora ecosystem can leverage the Opolis platform to streamline payments for freelancers and fund payroll.

The price of Ethereum has recovered to trade above $1,860 against the US Dollar, with positive signs showing above the $1,860 level. However, to start a strong increase in the near term, ETH must clear $1,920. After a major decline, Ethereum found support near the $1,775 zone and formed a base before starting a fresh increase. The immediate resistance is near the $1,900 zone, with the next major resistance near the $1,920 level. If Ethereum fails to clear the $1,900 resistance, it could start another decline. The hourly MACD for ETH/USD is losing momentum in the bullish zone, while the RSI for ETH/USD is above the 50 level. Major support levels are $1,840 and $1,800, while major resistance levels are $1,920, $1,950, and $2,000.

In summary, these developments showcase how blockchain technology continues to disrupt traditional systems and create new possibilities. From social media to employment cooperatives and decentralized finance, blockchain offers innovative solutions that enable greater autonomy, privacy, and accessibility.