The 24 hours hacking news in crypto has left us gasping for air! These hackers sure know how to work overtime, and we’re starting to wonder if they take any breaks at all. Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest crypto hacking incidents that have occurred lately.

First up, we have #PeckShieldAlert reporting a LilPudgy heist pulled off by a faker. They clearly need to work on their phonetic spelling because “phishing” and “faking” aren’t even close in sound. If only they put more effort into spelling, maybe they wouldn’t have to deal with fake phishing attempts.

Next up, #CertiKSkynetAlert warns us about a fake Chainlink airdrop being promoted on Twitter. It looks like someone needs to tell these scammers that Chainlink has nothing to do with balloons, so stop falling for these “airdrops.” If you see anyone promoting such a thing, step back and walk away.

But the hacking madness didn’t stop there. The @BrainlesSpikes Discord server has been compromised, and a phishing site has been posted in announcements. Did these hackers forget that being brainless spikes only means they are sharp as a bowling ball? It’s time for them to pack up their attack and leave it to the professionals.

As for the AltitudeDeFi Discord server, hackers breached it and posted a phishing site too. It seems like these hackers are passionate about their craft, but can’t they find something better to do with their time? Maybe they should take up knitting, gardening, or even painting. Remember, crime never pays, but at least hobbies do!

Lastly, we have #CertiKSkynetAlert, reporting a liquidity removal of ~$53k on HIGH RETURN (HRN) BSC. It seems like these hackers are tirelessly working to drain anything they can get their hands on. For the love of cryptocurrencies, can someone tell these phishers to take a nap?

As the hacking incidents continue to grow, we need to stay aware and vigilant. Always check the URL before interacting with any sites, avoid clicking on suspicious links, and most importantly, never give out your personal information. It’s time for these hackers to get a day job and leave the cryptos alone. Until then, let’s continue to stay safe and enjoy the endless puns these hackers provide us with.