BTC Prague and Fedi have teamed up to launch the first-ever “Pop-Up Federation” on the federated operating system, inviting attendees at the conference to test Fedi Alpha, the builder-focused early release of the operating system. The Pop-Up Federation will provide exclusive features to invitees, including the ability to broadcast messages on chat, use sats, and access Sites sessions with event information, turning BTC Prague into a proving ground for Fedi Alpha.

Participants can download a limited version of Fedi Alpha to join the Pop-Up Federation, send and receive sats, and engage in secure chats. Fedi encourages participants to approach the event as a test and provide feedback to help improve the platform.

While BTC Prague and Fedi Alpha are busy innovating and pushing the limits of the blockchain industry, Ethereum (ETH) continues to struggle to break through its 12-month resistance level of $2000. Senior Macro Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, attributes the ongoing resistance to the stock index’s inability to lift all boats. Although Ethereum’s performance may rely on the stock market index, both Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced a 1.5% price drop this week following lawsuits by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase.

Although Ethereum was not named in the lawsuits, the SEC has hinted that it could potentially be a securities candidate. Meanwhile, the combined market capitalization of the top five stablecoins is consistently decreasing, according to data from crypto analytics firm Santiment, suggesting large holders are banking profits. However, Santiment’s analysis reveals that large holders are far from unnerved and are merely holding their wealth in stablecoin form for an opportune moment to jump back into more volatile assets.

Despite the regulatory scrutiny in the crypto industry, Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to show an uptick over the past 24 hours. With BTC Prague and Fedi Alpha paving the way for innovation in the industry, it will be exciting to see what new developments arise in the near future.