Hey there, crypto enthusiasts! It’s time for another exhilarating roundup of the wildest hacking news in the world of cryptocurrencies. Buckle up and get ready to embark on a rollercoaster ride filled with exploits, drops, and a hint of danger. Let’s dive right into the chaos!

1. RocketSwap Spins Out LoveRCKT Token:

Hold on tight because RocketSwap_Labs has taken us on a wild ride. The cunning exploiter managed to snag approximately 471 ETH and slyly bridged them from Base to Ethereum. As if that wasn’t enough, they even birthed a whole new token called LoveRCKT. Awww, how lovely! They cheekily supplied 90 trillion LoveRCKT and threw in 400 ETH into the mix. Someone clearly has a knack for mischief!

2. Atlanverse Exploited, Atl Drops It Like It’s Hot:

Waves of panic have washed over the world of Atlanverse. An exploiter swooped in and snatched around $5.58K worth of Atl. Yikes! Atl’s value promptly dropped a whopping 33.5%, leaving investors feeling like they were caught in a wild tide. The initial funding from KuCoin makes this exploit a true oceanic adventure.

3. The Ronin Bridge Exploiter Strikes Again:

We’ve got a repeat offender on our hands, folks! This time, the Ronin Bridge Exploiter acquired Milady #602 approximately 502 days ago for a mere 4 ETH. Who knew being a digital thief could be so profitable? Always keep an eye out for those sneaky Ronin Bridge exploits!

4. Voyager’s Extraterrestrial Crypto Transfers:

Hold on tight, it’s time to set our sights on Voyager’s cosmic adventures. In the past 24 hours, Voyager sent a jaw-dropping $9.4 million worth of various cryptos to Coinbase on Ethereum’s playground. 3K ETH, 200B SHIB, around 2.3M MANA, 932K SAND, 135K APE, and almost 1M BAT found their way to Coinbase’s wallet. In return, Voyager received a mind-blowing 21 million USDC. But that’s not all! Voyager also managed to transfer 200 BTC (approximately $5.8 million) with a sly portion sneakily deposited into Binance’s depths. Talk about cosmic currency exploration!

5. CertiKSkynetAlert: Beware of Imposters:

The CertiKSkynetAlert is back, my friends! This time, they warn us against a fake ORAI airdrop site lurking out there. Be careful not to get caught up in its web, as it connects you right into a wallet drainer. Remember, not every airdrop is worth the risk!

6. MetisDAO Takes a Twisted Turn:

Hold your tweets, folks, because MetisDAO has fallen victim to a twitterific hack! Their Twitter account has been compromised, so avoid clicking any suspicious links until the team confirms they’ve wrestled back control. It’s a perilous cyberspace out there!

And that concludes our exhilarating rollercoaster ride through the perplexing world of crypto hacking news! Remember to stay informed, be cautious, and keep a sense of humor handy because, let’s face it, the crypto world is never short on surprises. Until next time, happy investing, and stay safe out there, crypto warriors! 💰🚀