Welcome to our hilarious round-up of the 24-hour hacking news in the world of crypto. Did the hackers take a day off? Not really! They worked hard to make sure you are entertained with their exploits.

To kick off this 24-hour hacking news report, we start with PeckShieldAlert and the Merlin exploiter who majestically transferred around 500K DAI out of the system. You might ask, “what’s the big deal?” Well, a portion of this money was held in 0xDe1ca2…4174, while another portion had been swapped for 200K USDC and was being held in 0x51ea97…7030. Who said hackers aren’t experts in cryptocurrency exchange?

Moving on to CertiKSkynetAlert – we have the YouSUI_Global, Popcorn_DAO, and Inf_Skies Discord servers. These servers had each been compromised, and phishing sites had been posted in their airdrop. These hackers sure do know how to “drop” something quickly, and we can’t even begin to fathom how they come up with such creative names for these sites. Please don’t click on or interact with hxxps://yousui.live/, hxxps://popclaim.network/, or hxxps://accessprotocol.live/. Sorry, hackers, we aren’t falling for your trap.

Finally, we have the exploit on Zera_web_bsc, where an unverified contract was deployed. The result? EOA 0xafe0 gained and sold 1.8m ZERA for around $285K. That’s some impressive financial hacking right there! They almost dropped ZERA’s price by 99%. We’re not saying we’re impressed, but we’re kind of impressed.

In conclusion, we advise everyone in the crypto world to be vigilant and careful. Hackers are always lurking around, and they know how to find loopholes in the system. But, they also provide a real-time entertainment and comic relief as well. Stay safe and don’t fall for the bait.