Crypto hackers always try to find new and innovative ways to make money. In the past 24 hours, two hackers tried to hit the jackpot but ended up falling flat on their faces.

First up was @HundredFinance, whose hack resulted in a loss of approximately $7 million. The hacker attempted to donate 200 WBTC to inflate hWBTC’s exchange rate. This move would have allowed them to drain the lending pools of even a tiny amount (2 wei) of hWBTC. Unfortunately for them, their plan backfired and they ended up losing all the stolen funds. Talk about a failed attempt to live that millionaire lifestyle!

Next in line was @MidasCapitalxyz, whose hack resulted in a loss of over $600K. The reason for the hack was a rounding issue in their lending protocol, which they had forked from the popular @compoundfinance v2 code base. The hacker managed to exploit the same issue that had been previously used to hack @HundredFinance. However, it seems like they didn’t learn from the first failed attempt and ended up transferring the stolen funds to Tornado Cash.

It’s a sad day for these hackers who thought they could outsmart the system and live that lavish lifestyle. But, as we all know, crime doesn’t pay (unless you’re a government). These hackers need to do a better job of finding a new career path because they clearly aren’t cut out for the crypto world. Maybe they can try their luck at a casino instead?

Let’s hope the crypto world becomes a safer place in the future, and hackers can find a better use for their skills. Until then, we’ll be here, watching from the sidelines, and laughing at their failed attempts to get rich quick.