Are you ready for some thrilling news from the world of cryptocurrencies? Well, hold onto your hats folks, because it’s been a wild 24 hours. Hackers have been working overtime, trying to get their hands on some juicy crypto funds, and they’ve certainly been successful.

First up on our list of hacker shenanigans, we have ShidoGlobal. Unfortunately for them, PeckShield caught them red-handed. Not only did they lose almost $240k, but they also thought they could hide their tracks by transferring some stolen BNB to Tornado Cash and then bridging it to Ethereum. But it looks like the joke is on them, because you can never really hide from the watchful eyes of PeckShield.

Next, we have a phishing attempt on the Optyfi Discord server. And let’s be honest, folks, if you’re falling for a link that looks like “hxxps://”, then you might deserve to have your funds stolen. Don’t worry though, CertiKSkynet has your back and has sounded the alarm on this one.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their crypto, right? Well, these hackers certainly seem to think so. But here’s a pro tip for all you crypto enthusiasts out there: always be on the lookout for phishing attempts and suspicious activity. And if you’re not sure, just remember to consult our friends at PeckShield and CertiKSkynet – they’ve got your back.

So keep those wallets secure and those passwords even more secure, and let’s hope these hackers find a more productive way to spend their time. Until next time, stay safe and stay crypto-savvy, folks!