Blockchain startup Mnemonic has successfully raised $6 million in a seed extension funding round, with participation from prominent investors such as Salesforce Ventures, Polygon Ventures, Orange DAO, FIN Capital, and FJ Labs. This brings the total funding secured by Mnemonic to $10 million.

Mnemonic, Inc. stands out as the first company to specialize in NFT intelligence and operate as a B2B NFT firm. The company’s cutting-edge analytics platform focuses on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and offers advanced features like API integration and cross-chain aggregation. These functionalities empower developers to create NFT-centric applications and explore new possibilities within the rapidly evolving NFT landscape.

NFTs have already disrupted traditional ownership models, enabling artists, creators, and brands to engage with their audiences in innovative ways. Mnemonic recognizes the immense future potential of NFTs and aims to play a key role in shaping that future alongside industry partners.

The platform simplifies the complex task of analyzing and extracting insights from blockchain data. Mnemonic equips developers with powerful tools to read, search, aggregate, and analyze on-chain data, enabling them to bring high-quality products to market more efficiently. By empowering innovators and developers, Mnemonic ultimately seeks to empower individuals and drive further advancements in the NFT ecosystem.