Unchained, a trusted name in the Bitcoin custodial services industry, has launched its exclusive membership-based offering called “Unchained Signature.” This premium service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of high-net-worth individuals, institutions, and corporations looking to invest in and manage their Bitcoin holdings. Unchained aims to provide top-tier banking services while ensuring the utmost security through its multi-signature custodial models.

Unchained Signature: Providing Premium Banking Services and Security

Unchained Signature goes above and beyond by ensuring that clients maintain complete control over their Bitcoin keys, even when utilizing their assets as collateral for loans. This measure guarantees that funds cannot be moved or rehypothecated without the client’s explicit permission. By adopting a multi-signature custodial model, Unchained offers enhanced security measures that safeguard clients’ Bitcoin investments.

Dedicated Account Management and Comprehensive Services

Unchained Signature members benefit from dedicated account management services. This includes private trade execution, access to multi-million dollar loans, as well as retirement and estate planning assistance. With a focus on client satisfaction, Unchained Signature also provides technical support, with advisors available for in-person assistance during emergencies.

Exclusive Benefits and Early Access

Clients who join Unchained Signature gain exclusive access to Unchained’s latest products and networking events. This ensures they stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Unchained aims to attract high-net-worth individuals and institutions who may have been deterred by technical barriers and concerns surrounding third-party risks associated with crypto investments.

The Launch of Mr. Hankey Coin ICO: Hype and Potential Gains

In the world of cryptocurrencies, excitement is building around the upcoming ICO launch of Mr. Hankey Coin, a meme project inspired by the South Park Christmas character. Backed by an experienced team and offering a limited token supply, Mr. Hankey Coin’s secretive launch has generated significant interest. With a small hard cap and high liquidity, the project has positioned itself for potential gains after the launch of its decentralized exchange. Analysts predict rapid value appreciation due to these factors.

Glassnode’s Analysis: Comparing the Current Bitcoin Rally to Previous Cycles

On-chain analytics firm Glassnode has compared the ongoing Bitcoin rally to previous cycles in terms of performance after the all-time high (ATH) in each cycle. The findings reveal that in past cycles, gains after the ATH disappeared during the subsequent bear market before a recovery rally commenced. In the current cycle, assuming the November 2022 low as the bottom, the ongoing rally can be considered as the recovery rally. The 91% uplift since the bottom is comparable to past recovery rallies, potentially indicating the start of a new cyclical uptrend. Moreover, the current rally has experienced less severe drawdowns compared to previous bull markets, suggesting strong demand for Bitcoin.


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Unchained’s launch of its membership-based service, Unchained Signature, caters specifically to high-net-worth individuals, institutions, and corporations seeking secure and premium banking services for their Bitcoin holdings. This offering, coupled with Glassnode’s analysis of the ongoing Bitcoin rally, indicates potential opportunities for long-term crypto investors. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, it is essential for investors to stay informed and exercise caution while exploring the diverse landscape of cryptocurrencies.