In recent years, the world has witnessed the rise of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin taking the center stage. However, the true potential and value of Bitcoin extend beyond its nominal price. Today, we delve into the undervaluation of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network, as well as the increasing institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies, paving the way for the global adoption of Web3 technology.

Unleashing the Power of the Bitcoin Network:

Opinion Editorial: Mark Maraia aptly highlighted the undervaluation of Bitcoin and its network. While the asset itself may be undervalued, the true potential lies within the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin purists tend to overlook the numerous potential uses and values associated with the network, ranging from inscriptions to BRC tokens.

The Importance of the Timechain:

The immutable digital ledger, known as the timechain, serves as the backbone for Bitcoin’s storage and transmission of value. This technology holds immense value, yet it remains largely unexplored. Proper valuation of the Bitcoin network entails recognition of the timechain’s potential and the ability to enhance its perceived value through innovations like inscriptions and BRC tokens.

Appreciating Satoshi Nakamoto’s Innovation:

We must express greater appreciation and reverence for Satoshi Nakamoto, the innovative mind behind Bitcoin and the timechain. Nakamoto’s groundbreaking technology has revolutionized the digital currency landscape and presents innumerable possibilities for the global adoption of Web3.

Sony Network Communications Steps In:

Sony Network Communications, a subsidiary of Sony, recently invested $3.5 million in Startale Labs, a Singaporean Web3 tech company. This strategic collaboration aims to support the global adoption of Web3 technology by leveraging Sony’s expertise in telecommunications and other sectors to develop the necessary infrastructure. Beyond financial support, this collaboration seeks to foster cross-industry talent exchange and product development for Web3 advancements.

Institutional Adoption of Bitcoin:

Despite market volatility, top fintech companies are increasingly embracing Bitcoin. Companies like Microstrategy, Tesla, Block, and Galaxy Digital Holding have amassed substantial Bitcoin holdings and demonstrated a commitment to retaining them. Regulatory uncertainties have been a deterrent for some companies, but recent filings by asset management firms indicate a positive sentiment towards digital currencies.

A Shifting Landscape:

The embrace of Bitcoin’s futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by major players has paved the way for continued institutional interest in the digital asset industry. As a result, we are witnessing growing optimism surrounding spot Bitcoin ETF applications. However, it is crucial for investors to approach the potential introduction of a Bitcoin spot ETF cautiously, conducting thorough research and risk assessments.


Bitcoin’s true value lies in its network and the potential it holds for the global adoption of Web3 technology. Sony Network Communications’ collaboration with Startale Labs exemplifies the drive to unlock this potential. Simultaneously, the increasing institutional adoption of Bitcoin signifies a shifting landscape that demands careful consideration. As the world continues to explore the possibilities offered by the blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is essential to recognize the intrinsic value of the Bitcoin network and embrace its potential to shape our future.